Keys To A Successful Slip-And-Fall Claim

Your slip, trip or fall may have seemed innocent in the moment. You may have gotten up, brushed yourself off and thought "no big deal." You may have thought that the biggest injury you suffered was embarrassment at falling down in public. But now that you are feeling the physical effects of your fall, what are your rights? Sometimes days or even weeks later that nagging pain becomes a raging serious problem, or simply continues to nag despite your thought that it would just go away. If this sounds like you then you should contact an attorney right away.

If your slip or fall was caused by negligence or unsafe premises, such as an uneven sidewalk, a dip in the pavement, an odd stair rise measurement, a wrinkled rug or a wet floor, you can pursue a personal injury claim. A successful settlement or verdict can provide you with the financial resources you need to recover from your injuries.

To have a successful slip-and-fall claim, you will need:

An Attorney

I cannot stress enough how important skilled legal representation is after a slip-and-fall accident. These cases can be difficult to prove, and the insurance company will go to great lengths to sweep your claim under the rug and avoid paying. Trying to pursue the claim yourself or having an attorney who is not well versed in the law and these types of claims is playing with fire, you will get burned.

You only get one bite of the apple as you pursue compensation, and your choice of lawyer can make all the difference.


In cases involving fall injuries, evidence can disappear in a hurry. It is important to bring your claim forward as soon as possible so a thorough investigation can take place. This is critical in grocery and retail cases, where security camera footage can be used to demonstrate that you had been in the store for about 20 minutes, and the store owners had ample time to resolve the hazard.

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