Everyone Deserves A Fair Workplace

Your employer may have a say in your job duties but you have rights at work that must always be upheld. Your workplace should never become a hostile environment or treat you differently because of your identity or beliefs.

If you are harassed, given unfair pay, forced to work off the clock or endure any other form of mistreatment, you may have an employment law claim on your hands. I will help you proceed confidently toward the justice you deserve.

Stand Up When You Are Mistreated

At the Law Office of Jeffrey R. Lamb, I will stand up for you when employers mistreat you. My job is not just about being a lawyer. It is also about listening to your story and removing the frustration and doubts you may have as you face these issues.

I am skilled in a variety of employment law situations such as:

Employers have no right to mistreat their workers or get away with illegal activity. I am ready and willing to fight against companies of any size.

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