Are You Suffering From A Brain Injury?

Brain injuries are a common occurrence after car accidents or other incidents of damage to your head or neck. A traumatic brain injury can go undetected but have the potential to be very serious. After an accident, you should seek an evaluation from a doctor to check for a brain injury or any other damage you may have sustained.

I know it is a painful time, both physically and emotionally, when you or a loved one is suffering from an injury. As your attorney, my job is to attend to your legal needs and address your concerns as you take the time you need to heal.

I Fight For Your Long-Term Needs

Recovery from a brain injury can be a longer and more expensive process than many families realize. It may be months or years before you can fully function again. In some cases, people never completely heal and will deal with effects of their injury for the rest of their lives.

By speaking to a lawyer immediately after an accident, you can start protecting your future. My practice at the Law Office of Jeffrey R. Lamb is focused on clients' well-being. I have a deep understanding of the challenges you will face and the compensation you will need.

I have successfully secured compensation for clients' immediate medical needs and the costs of their full rehabilitation process.

Let's Discuss Your Needs

I am ready to fight for you when the need arises. Please email me or call me at 800-491-9157 to discuss your situation in a free consultation. I serve clients across Los Angeles and Southern California.

I charge no fees unless I recover compensation for you.