Fighting For The Rights Of Injured Bicyclists And Pedestrians

What happens when you combine spectacular weather, pedestrians, cyclists and negligent drivers? Severe injuries happen, leaving pedestrians and cyclists facing an uncertain future as a result of mounting medical bills.

In California, collisions between motor vehicles and cyclists or pedestrians are far too common and are on the rise. A trip to the beach can quickly turn tragic, as someone on bike or on foot stands no chance confronted with a ton of rolling steel, chrome and glass. Neighborhood streets have regularly become war zones between several thousand pound "tanks" versus bicycles.

Fight Against Insurer's Actions

The insurance company would love nothing more than to add insult to injury by denying you the compensation you need for your medical bills, rehab, property damage, lost wages and other costly damages. As your lawyer, my job is to wreck the insurer's plans by making sure you have the resources you need to make a full recovery and maximize your quality of life.

I have real-world experience making things right for the victims of accidents. Learn more about a hit-and-run case I handled for an off-duty Orange County firefighter who was hit in a crosswalk.

Let's Focus On Your Needs

The sooner you speak to me about the issues you are dealing with, the sooner I can be your advocate. I strive to resolve bike and pedestrian accident claims efficiently so my clients can move on with their lives. I will make sure you understand your rights at every stage of the case, and work to obtain a verdict or settlement that is in your best interests now and in the future. I have obtained a $1.25 million settlement in a bike accident and litigated another that resolved for just over $725,000 within the last five years. These are intricate cases that require the utmost care and knowledge to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

I welcome the opportunity to help you and your family recover. Contact me by email or by phone at 800-491-9157 for a free consultation. I charge on a contingency basis, meaning you don't pay unless I win your case.

I represent injury victims throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.