Why Hire A Car Accident Attorney?

The most important reason to have an attorney representing your interests after a car accident is because an attorney knows the pitfalls of the legal system. As you seek the financial compensation you deserve for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost earnings and other damages, you cannot afford to leave anything on the table.

At the Law Office of Jeffrey R. Lamb, I have devoted my career as a lawyer to making sure that people are fairly compensated for what they have been put through. If you have been injured anywhere in Southern California, you can rely on me to maximize your recovery.

Your Insurer Will Not Be Looking To Help You

Taking on insurance companies is not always easy. Insurance companies regularly devote their immense resources to avoiding liability and will do everything possible to avoid paying for the damages their policyholders have caused. They will cut you no slack and will not think twice about denying you the financial resources you need to recover after an accident.

As your attorney, I will be focused on making sure you have the resources you need, and I have a track record of results. This includes obtaining a $1,250,000 settlement in an accident involving a car vs. bicycle collision and a $250,000 settlement in an auto vs. pedestrian hit-and-run accident.

Hurt In A Car Crash? Put Me On Your Side

If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident, you can turn to me for the service and representation you deserve. Email me or call 800-491-9157 anytime for a free consultation.

I do not charge any fees unless I secure compensation for you.