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This summer, be wary of pool accidents

Summer vacations are the perfect chance for California families to take their children to the local pool for swimming lessons or fun exercise. Most swimmers and parents expect the afternoon to be carefree aside from a bit of sunburn.

Unfortunately, too many people have suffered accidents at the pool. You may have seen news articles in past summers about dangerous drains, chemicals and lack of supervision leading to severe injuries. Despite news coverage, these accidents keep happening year after year.

Attendees can make safe choices

If you plan to swim or lounge poolside, be aware of a few basic safety tips that can prevent slipping or drowning. The most famous rule is to walk – never run. The floors may be wet or contain tripping hazards like goggles.

However, many pool attendees forget about other guidelines. These include reading all safety signs, never hopping the fence after-hours, only swimming while sober and knowing what to do if someone is hurt. As always, adults should supervise children closely.

Pool owners must obey crucial laws

In California, property owners need to follow many safety and health regulations. This includes both private and commercial pool owners. The state publicly lists all related rules online.

Attendees shouldn’t have to double-check whether each pool they enter follows every law. Many of these laws can be quite technical, especially for pool systems. Therefore, courts can’t expect attendees to identify dangers for which property owners are responsible.

Instead, pool owners are accountable for safety matters, including:

  • Drain guards and suction limits
  • Certification for lifeguards
  • Electrical hazards
  • Obvious safety signage
  • Proper water filtration and sanitation
  • Careful use of strong cleaning chemicals
  • Fences or other lockable enclosure

When an attendee suffers a pool accident, gathering evidence should be the second step after seeking medical care. An attorney will be able to listen to your story and possibly find links to an owner’s negligence. However, no family should have to find themselves in a law office due to such a tragedy this summer.

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