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Key issues when reporting workplace sexual harassment

What can workers do when they face sexual harassment on the job? One key step can be to report the harassment.

Reporting such behavior can do many important things. For one, it could help with getting the harassment stopped. According to recent survey data, around three-quarters of workers who notify their employer of harassment report a resolution of the issue. Also, reporting workplace sexual harassment can create an important paper trail if a worker finds that they need to take legal action, such as filing a lawsuit or EEOC complaint, to stand up for their right to not have to face sexual harassment in the workplace.

When reporting sexual harassment at work, it is critical to remember the importance of:

  • Documentation: Documenting the details of the harassment can help strengthen your report and give your employer a clearer picture of what has happened.
  • Witnesses: Witnesses can play a key role in confirming the details of a harassment incident. So, a list of possible witnesses can be an important thing to include in a report of sexual harassment.
  • Following the proper procedure: What the procedure for reporting harassment is varies from company to company. This procedure is generally laid out in a company’s anti-harassment policies. So, familiarizing yourself with your company’s particular policies can be a key step when reporting harassment.
  • Getting the report to the right people: This could include human resources, a manager or a supervisor. Who in particular to give a report to depends on your company’s policies and the specifics of the situation.

What can workers do if they report sexual harassment and feel their employer has failed to respond to the report properly and protect their rights? Well, one route that can prove helpful is going to skilled employment lawyers to learn about their legal options and develop a strategy for addressing their situation.

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