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Workplace discrimination should not be tolerated

Discrimination in the workplace can take many forms. In a recent California workplace discrimination case, a woman took exception to language used by an investor in her company who used a racial slur on a recent broadcast of his television show. The investor was Bill Maher and he used a racial slur to describe himself during the show.

The woman in question worked for ATTN:, a Los Angeles based news startup that focuses on raising social consciousness among millennials. Mr. Maher is an investor in the company, and the woman took objection to the language used; she organized co-workers to protest his use of the racial slur. The woman and the people she organized were all African-American. Shortly after the protest group was formed, the woman who had organized it and made the original complaint was let go.

ATTN: claimed the dismissal had nothing to do with the protest but was instead a business strategy decision. A judge recently decided that the woman suffered negative repercussions at work almost immediately after arranging the protest and that the protest may have contributed to her firing. The case is ongoing.

No person in California should have to suffer workplace discrimination. If a person feels he or she is being discriminated against, one may want to seek the counsel of an attorney experienced in dealing with labor law. A knowledgeable attorney can review the circumstances of the situation and help his or her client to determine what legal paths may be available for his or her client to pursue.

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