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August 2018 Archives

Firefighter suing for wrongful termination under employment law

Firemen in California put their lives on the line every day to protect people and property. The California Public Employees Retirement System is an organization put in place to, among other things, help make retirements affordable for firefighters. Companies are mandated to pay into the system if a firefighter works more than 1,000 hours per year. A firefighter is suing for wrongful termination in violation of employment law.

Changes to employment law may help to reduce harassment

In the year 2018 sexual harassment remains an issue for working women in California. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the media and entertainment industry where the issue was brought to the fore by the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Revelations in the wake of that case reveal that it is a much broader problem. In a recent survey, 41 percent of women who filed harassment claims were in the media or entertainment industry. The California Assembly is revising a 1994 employment law to further protect women.

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