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Can I sue more than once if my injury worsens?

Especially in the case of brain injuries, your initial injury may lead to other injuries, such as anxiety, PTSD or even depression.

So, if you sue over some type of injury and your condition worsens or becomes permanent following the settlement agreement, can you recover for damages you weren’t aware you required before?

Terms of a settlement

Most of the time, the terms of a settlement agreement require the plaintiff to release the defendant from fault and further liability in exchange for the settlement amount determined by the court. While you may dispute the settlement offer at the time it is made, this amount is generally irreversible after you’ve signed off on it.


If you made a settlement agreement outside of court and the terms of the agreement were not notarized, there is no legal contract to prevent you from sueing the party for the injury. However, the Georgia statute of limitations only allows a plaintiff to seek damages for an injury caused by another negligent party if the action is made within two years of the incident. Injury to reputation can be made within one year.

Another way you may be able to seek funds to cover the rest of your recovery costs could be through another at-fault party that you didn’t take action against initially. For example, if you are injured in an elevator accident, you may sue the owners of the building for not maintaining their facilities properly. However, if a service company was used to inspect the elevator for hazards and had contributed to the accident by neglecting to upkeep the elevator or repair it properly, these workers may also be at fault.

Avoid settling on an unjust amount

If you are injured at the hands of a negligent party, your suffering is enough to handle alone. Determining a damage amount that is just and realistic can be challenging without experience. Seeking the help of professionals can help you get an understanding of the costs associated with your injury and what amount is right to demand.

A medical professional can help estimate potential expenses to diagnose and treat your injury. An experienced attorney can advise approximately how your recovery may impact your income and what amounts are usually accepted in these types of cases. A lawyer will also help you collect necessary medical bills, photographs, witness testimonies and more to help you prove your claim.

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