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Posts tagged "Workplace Discrmination"

Tesla now faced with cases of workplace discrimination

The Tesla plant in Fremont has had its share of problems recently. There have been incidents of concern over worker safety, and now comes news of incidents of workplace discrimination. The reported incidents involved racial slurs and other race-related incidents at the California plant.

Workplace discrimination due to disability still an issue

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed into law in 1990. The act was meant to make workplace discrimination against the disabled illegal, and it included other measures intended to facilitate life for the disabled in California and throughout the country. In 2018, people are still fighting to get fair treatment in the workplace.

Workplace discrimination in LosAngeles government

People in California are entitled to a safe and comfortable workplace when it comes to one's well-being. This includes a workplace free from sexual harassment and discrimination. A recent complaint has been brought against a Los Angeles city councilman. The complaint was lodged via MyVoiceLA, a new website created by the mayor. The website was created to allow staff members, commissioners and others to report allegations of  discrimination or harassment.

Workplace discrimination should not be tolerated

Discrimination in the workplace can take many forms. In a recent California workplace discrimination case, a woman took exception to language used by an investor in her company who used a racial slur on a recent broadcast of his television show. The investor was Bill Maher and he used a racial slur to describe himself during the show.

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